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Triphenyl antimony, white crystalline solid powder, good fluidity, chlorine content ≤0.1%. Used to prolong the curing time of unsaturated resins, such as SMC, BMC, unsaturated resins, vinyl resins, acrylic resins, etc. Used as chain transfer agent in the production of vinyl resin to control the molecular weight distribution of the product. Used as catalyst for the conversion of trienes to aromatic, hydrogenated aromatic, alkene dimerization and oligomerization, alkene and alcohol carbonylation. Used as atomization inhibitors and image stabilizers in photosensitive films and developing materials. As an antioxidant to inhibit aldehydes and alkenes oxidation. As a preservative to prevent corrosion of steel in weak acid solutions. As a flame retardant in polyester, epoxy, polyimide, polyether and polyolefin resins.
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Field of employment Reaction/Application Remarks
Chain transfer agent Polymerization reaction Polymerization reaction
Free radical stabilizer Cross-linking reaction to prolong storage time SMC,BMC, unsaturated resin, vinyl resin, acrylic resin.
Catalysts Polymerization reaction Applied to ethylene, propylene, bornene polymerization process in low pressure and UV induced Ziegler-Natta reaction.
Dimerization and oligomerization Propylene - acrylonitrile, butadiene - acrylic acid, isoprene - methyl methacrylate and other binary or multiple copolymer reaction system
Carbonylation reaction Used as a ligand for transition metal catalysts in hydroformylation of alkenes and methanol to form aldehydes.
Reduction reaction Selective hydrogenation and reduction of olefins and alkynes,Or reduction of aromatic nitro compounds.
Other Disproportionation and hydrosilanization of alkenes,Allyl rearrangement reaction.
Additives Antioxidants Inhibition of aldehydes and alkenes oxidation.
Corrosion inhibitor Prevent corrosion of steel in weak acid solution.
Flame retardant Used in polyester fibers, epoxy resins, polyimide, polyether and polyolefin resins.
Gasoline/petroleum Gasoline seismic agent,Lubricating oil additives,hydraulic oil additives.
Developing and imaging industry Antifoggant Atomization inhibitors and image stabilizers in photosensitive films and developing materials.
Biocide Pesticide Insecticides, fungicides and termite repellents.









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