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Talent concept

  • Talent concept

    Talent, is the most valuable resources of Matrix, is our core competitiveness, is the strongest power to push enterprises forward. Matrix focus on introduction, training and development of outstanding talents. We insist on the talent concept of "Right man for the right job", and provide development and promotion opportunities for each employee.

  • Talent is Core Competition

    Matrix has creates an open and fair employment competition mechanism, fully mobilizing the enthusiasm and creativity of employees, optimize the structure of talents and the allocation of human resources, and making talents stand out and grow rapidly with the company.

  • Prospects

    As a state-level high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, independent product brands and independent innovation capabilities, Matrix establish the Guangdong Fine Chemicals (Matrix) Engineering Technology Research Center and has been recognized as a provincial engineering center by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology. In 2021, in order to meet the strategic development requirements, the company officially changed its name to " Matrix (Guangzhou) Metamaterials Co., Ltd.", making good preparations for the listing.

Company Benefits

  • Paid Annual Leave

    Provide competitive salary review mechanism and performance bonus system, employees enjoy various national holidays and paid annual leave.

  • Six insurances and one housing fund"

    "Six insurances and one housing fund" for employees, additional commercial insurance for employees and their families, enjoy annual medical check-ups.

  •  Convenient Traffic

    Free working meals and free shuttle bus.

  • Company Benefits

    The company regularly organizes various activities, such as family day, annual meeting, sports, outing, etc., and enjoys the benefits of birthday gift, wedding gift, holiday gift, communication, high temperature subsidy, etc.

  •  Employee Training

    Provide training and financial support for employees' career development, and college scholarships for employees' children.

Talent Training

  • Development Plan

    Development Plan

    Matrix provide employees with flexible salary, welfare treatment, salary adjustment and promotion opportunities every year, so that excellent employees have more development opportunities.

  • Opening Course

    Opening Course

    In order to ensure the pertinence and effectiveness of talent training, Matrix adopts the following training methods for the personnel of the talent training plan: internal training, on-the-job training, external training, not limited to academic qualification improvement, skills training, expatriate study, etc.

  • Matrix Course

    Matrix Course

    Matrix organizes external senior lecturers to the company to train employees and share their experience, so that employees can learn from experience and improve their work efficiency.