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Matrix, established in 1997,  is a recognized national high-tech enterprise, engaging in high-performance materials manufacturing, sales, and Research and Development (R&D), servicing its customers Worldwide with a strong focus in China.

Matrix was the very first foreign company bringing the high-quality ceramic additive - zirconium silicate opacifier product and production technology to China.  Since then, Matrix has grown to become the largest zirconium product processing enterprise worldwide, with approximately 10% of the global zirconium market.  With its global leadership, Matrix is also the largest zirconium processor in China and has been recognized as the quality leader in its markets.  This is especially true in sanitary ware applications, where Matrix has over 35% of the market.

Matrix was the original inventor and the global leader in antimony preform catalysts for Polyethylene teraphalate (PET) production. Matrix has approximately 75% of the global market share, servicing customers in more than 30 different countries.  Most of its customers are long-term sole-supplied due to the product quality and service reliability record.

In addition, Matrix has expanded its offerings with Metal-Injection-Molding (MIM) since 2017.  This is one of the latest developments in global manufacturing, especially suited for high volume, mass production of complex parts.  Applications include mobile communications, electronics, consumer electronics, medical appliances, military applications, including armory parts, automotive parts, sporting goods, etc.  In combination of its material technologies and processing engineering knowhow, Matrix has a unique competitive advantage in providing solutions to complex applications for its customers.

Over the last few years, Matrix has been searching for opportunities to diversifying its industry position via upstream, sidestream expansions.  Further, in late 2022, Matrix invested in MengDa Titanium in Inner Mongolia to complete its 3X capacity expansion of titanium slag totalled 150,000mt per annum.

Matrix’s core cultures and values are: SAFETY FIRST; CUSTOMERS have the Priority.  We Empower Our People to deliver, contribute and satisfactions be attained.  We create a safe, healthy and a Green Environment for all employees and our neighbors to live in and enjoy. We are proud to have more than 75% of the management team having over 17 years of service tenure.  We take pride in achieving long-term Customers’ satisfactions, including product qualities, services, and trusts.

As a recognized national high-tech enterprise, Matrix invests more than 3% of the total Sales Revenue in R&D annually.  In addition to internal R&D activities, Matrix partakes in R&D with customers, industries leaders, as well as universities nation-wide in China.  We further committed to R&D fundings for new and novel ideas (seed funding), to broaden the coverage and the scope of various developments.  The Guangdong Fine Chemicals (Matrix) Engineering Technology Research Center, established by Matrix, has been recognized as a provincial engineering center by the Guangdong Science and Technology Department.

  • 1996

    Established Time

  • 42+

    Number of Patents

  • NO.1

    Global Sales Ranking of Antimony Acetate

  • 7

    Engineering Research and Development Institutions

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January,Attained ISO 45001  Certification of Occupational Health and Safety Management System

December,Matrix invested in MengDa Titanium in Inner Mongolia to complete its 3X capacity expansion of titanium slag totalled 150,000mt per annum.


July, Changed name to as Matrix (Guangzhou) Metamaterials Co., Ltd. to better represent its activities in New materials developments.


August, New production unit/capacity for precision investment casting products commissioned in Jiangsu.


March, Attained GB/T29490 Certification of Intellectual Property Management system.

May, Developed new whitening agent - ATO-W20 for Tile-body application.


May, Attained IATF16949 Certification of Quality Management System.


April, Acquisition of Endeka Asia units -- Expanded operations to include China, Malaysia and India.


August, Acquisition of Miou Precision Metal Technology Ltd. an MIM business


October, Expanded operation to include nano-zirconium silicate production.


March, Expanded operation on zircon flour production.


March, Expanded operation to include zircon dry process production


April, Divested the operation to Singapore investor and the creation of Matrix.


May, Expanded capacity on the zirconium silicate production.


March, Expanded capacity on the antimony catalyst production.


December, Attained ISO14001 Environment Management System Certification.


June, Started sales and production of antimony catalyst.


Started sales and production of zirconium silicate.

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