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Antimony triacetate, white solid powder, low Pb/Fe contents, good solubility, at 20℃ morer than 4.8% dissolved in ethylene glycol ,at 60℃ solubility increased to 12.5%. Used for polyester catalysts, automobile exhaust catalytic treatment, industrial waste gas denitration, etc.
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1. The solubility in ethylene glycol (MEG) more than 4.8% at 20℃, and increased to 12.5% at 60℃.

2, Catalyst S-21 is low trace metal contents, high purity, used in PET production.

3, Catalyst S-21 can be well dissolved in ethylene glycol, its solution in vacuum can remain stable for a long time.

4, Catalyst S-21 in ethylene glycol solution will only exist as a single structure, so it has a certain stability.

5, Catalyst S-21 can quickly participate in the polymerization chain growth of PET monomer, so as to shorten the catalyst reaction time, and the reaction can be carried out at a lower temperature.

6, Minimize the loss of antimony in ethylene glycol recovery process.

Packaging: Catalyst S-21 is packed in sealed high density polyethylene (HDPE) drums weighing 15 kg net. When transported, each 48 barrels of product are stacked on the card board, plus a covered outer box protection. Packaging standards refer to UN 1H2/Y23/S/USA.



Sb, %


Arsenic, ppm

100 Max

Lead, ppm

40 Max

Iron, ppm

15 Max

Acid Value,mgKOH/g



0.2 Max