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Zircon Flour

Zircon Flour is made from carefully selected zircon sand raw material. Due to its unique opacifying and whitening properties, it plays an important role in ceramic glaze and frit applications in color control and adjustments. Using its wear resistance property, it can be used in various resin, plastic and silicone filler, clutch lining, brake pad, polishing materials, etc. Using its flame retardant property, it can be used in leather, flame retardant fibers, etc. Using its refractory property, it can be used in casting coatings and ceramic cores and glass . It can increase chemical resistance in optical and TV glass, stabilize the glass composition, and resist harmful X-rays.In precision casting, 200/325 mesh zircon Flour is popularly used because of its consistent and stable fineness, reasonable particle size distribution and low impurity content. So it can form a uniform seal,the casting surface can be smooth and exquisite, it shows high quality in aviation, medical equipment and other industries.

High zirconium content

Low impurity content

Wear-resistant and fire-resistant

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Stable product quality, particle size is moderate and stable, reasonable particle gradation,low impurity contents.Using its whitening, wear resistance, fire resistance, flame retardant properties,it is widely used in resin filler, brake pad, polishing materials, flame retardant fibers,investment casting manufacturing and other industries, and also used in the production of zirconium white ceramic frit.

The packing specification is 40.0±0.1 kg/bag.


Typical specifications







Retain On Sieve (325 mesh)

No Impurity