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Zircon Sand

The product is extremely resistant to high temperature, good thermal shock resistance, stable chemical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. Through strict sorting, it has been shown good performance in practical applications for many years. Used as precision casting molding sand, precision enamel, suitable for lost foam, film sand, sodium silicate sand, resin sand, precision casting, zircon bricks in glass kiln and steel stamping, shock pressing and grouting. Used as flash dry grain ceramics. It is also used to make zirconium silicate balls, to refine chemical zirconium, etc.
Matrix has various experimental devices so as to meet the different needs of customers in precision casting industry. It shows good strength and air permeability of the shell surface layer , because particle hierarchical mixing well. The products can meet the strict requirements of precision casting in the aerospace industry,because our strict control of impurity content.Widely used in various high-end precision castings such as turbine blades, auto parts, prosthetics and golf club heads.
In accordance with the requirements of the "T-CFA0202045-2021 Group Standard of Zircon Sand and Powder for Investment Casting".

Good thermal shock stability

Chemically stable

Wear-resistant and fire-resistant

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Selected high quality mineral source, after strict sorting, good particle gradation ,so the surface layer shell of precision casting is good strength and air permeability.Strict control of impurity standards,so the product can meet the strict requirements of precision casting in aerospace industry. Also used for precision casting molding sand, precision enamel, flash dry grain ceramics, zirconium silicate balls, refining chemical zirconium and so on.

The packing specification is 40.0±0.1 kg/bag or 2 tons/bag.


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