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STDA is widely used in high-grade ceramic tiles and specialty ceramics such as ceramic rollers, zirconia grinding balls and other related industries. It meets the requirements of the Chinese building materials industry standard "JC-T 1094-2009 Zirconium silicate for ceramics".

low impurity contents

Consistent batch-to-batch qualities

Good opacifier

Good whitening agent

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Zirconium silicate STDA has the characteristics of low impurity contents, stable product quality, fine and narrow particle size, high whiteness, widely used in mid-to-high-end ceramic tiles,specialty ceramics such as ceramic rollers, grinding balls, and other related industries.

The packing specification is 25.0±0.1 kg/bag


Typical specifications

Particle Size <1um, %,




Glaze test


Retain On Sieve (400 mesh)

No Impurity