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STDB is a good-performance, high-quality ceramic glaze opacifying agent, which is of fine particle size processed via the latest technologies. The result is an excellent brightener for use in highend ceramic sanitary wares, bathroom products and other ceramic tile products. The end-products have better surface color and brightness, crack and fire resistance, and better stability in color. It meets the requirements of the Chinese building materials industry standard "JC-T 1094-2009 Zirconium silicate for ceramics".

Fine particle size

Higher whiteness

Strong whitening agent

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Zirconium silicate STDB adopts advanced process for fine grinding, low impurity contents, stable product quality, fine and narrow particle size, high whiteness, excellent glaze effect, usage amount significantly reduced, widely used in high-end ceramic sanitary wares, bathroom parts and ceramic bricks and other related industries.

The packing specification is 25.0±0.1 kg/bag


Typical specifications

calcined whiteness,%




Retain On Sieve (400 mesh)

No Impurity